Handmade creature coats for children, a lion, fox, dino, bunny and a leopard! Click on your favourite to have a better look!


Handgemaakte kinderjassen in de vorm van een leeuw, vos, dino, beer, konijn of luipaard! Klik op je favoriete dierenjas om ze beter te kunnen bekijken.

  • Bunny Coat - Kinderjas Konijn
    Bunny Coat - Kinderjas Konijn

    Our newest design is the Honey Bunny! Honey because it comes in classic shades of champage and camel, and bunny, because, well… isn`t it much more fun to wear a coat which turns you in a honey bunny!bunny coat bunny coat bu...

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  • Lion coat - Kinderjas Leeuw
    Lion coat - Kinderjas Leeuw

    Wouldn`t it be more fun to put on your coat if it transformed you into a roaring lion? This children`s coat will do just that, with its ferocious lion head hood, fierce "claw" tipped sleeves, and twitchy tail. lion coat...

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  • Fox coat - Kinderjas Vos
    Fox coat - Kinderjas Vos

    Wouldn`t you want to be a smart red fox? This fox coat features foxy "claws", a fox face hood, two slip pockets for warming foxy paws, and a fuzzy yarn fox tail.  fox coat fox coat fox coat fox coat fox coat fox coat fox...

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  • Dino coat - Kinderjas Dino
    Dino coat - Kinderjas Dino

    Your cute little monster will be fit for some forest foraging in the newest addition to our felt coat series! Our Cheeky Green Dinosaur coat is fully equipped with soft felt claws and teeth, a ridged hood, back, and tail, and a qu...

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  • Leopard coat - Kinderjas Luipaard
    Leopard coat - Kinderjas Luipaard

    Stylish little ones are often spotted in our super chic leopard coat! 

    The beautiful, soft leopard print fabric is actually Eco-Fi, a material made from 100" recycled fibers - so this pretty kitty is both soft and...

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  • Colette Coat - Jas Collete
    Colette Coat - Jas Collete

    We could not be more excited about the newest addition to our wool coat family! 

    The Colette Coat is a classic charmer in Paris pink, with beautiful dressmaker details suitable for a princess. This design features...

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  • Puppy Coat - Kinderjas Hond
    Puppy Coat - Kinderjas Hond

    Is your little one looking for a new best friend? How about a spotted puppy with lots of personality! puppy coat puppy coat puppy coat puppy coat puppy coat puppy coat

    Our precious new Puppy Love coat is made of a wonde...

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  • Bear coat - Kinderjas Beer
    Bear coat - Kinderjas Beer

    Made of the softest wool blend felt, this toddler topper has classic duffle children`s coat styling with a teddy bear twist. A fantastic children`s coat featuring a color blocked front and back yoke, cute as a button bear hoo...

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